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Comrex VH2


A two-line VoIP hybrid for perfect streaming or perfect conferences.

Any studio that processes phone calls needs hardware to interact with the phone lines. This device, traditionally called Hybrid, filters, separates, and provides gain adjustment and call control to more easily allow the recording or transmission of "phoners".

As phone companies are switching from traditional phone lines to Voice over IP (VoIP) systems, the devices that have done this work in the past are becoming obsolete.

Broadcasters need a VoIP hybrid to ensure that recorded and on-air phone calls sound their best.

A dual-line hybrid, VH2 connects two VoIP lines to a studio for seamless streaming or perfect conferences. VH2 prevents echo and distortion, and automatically adjusts the caller's audio to a uniform level, leaving you with a clean, clear result. Also, VH2 uses only VoIP phone lines, saving you money and increasing functionality. VH2 can even connect to many VoIP PBX systems.


- Prevents echo and other artifacts.

- Supports normal phone calls (G.711) and broadband calls (G.722)

- Allows caller identification, outgoing calls, detection and post-air management using the complementary VoIP telephone

- Configure via an easy to use web based configuration page