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Sielco EXC3000GX


EXC3000GX is the nominal 3.0kW model of the innovative family of GX transmitters appreciated for their high efficiency and versatility, due to three intrinsic factors: reduced weight, minimal dimensions and reduced consumption.

According to all GX devices, deciding to buy an EXC3000GX represents a winning bet, since it allows to obtain remarkable benefits for the entire life of the product. Once purchased, it guarantees savings in transportation costs and rental charges for the station where it is installed only due to its small size and weight. Even more importantly, day-to-day work is returned to your normal work as well, thanks to the lowest electrical costs in its class that minimize the electric bill.

EXC3000GX is convenient also at the time of installation: it is operational in the blink of an eye and it is easy to install thanks to an intuitive control interface - common in all GX models - equipped with a detailed graphic LCD screen, a remote practical multifunction and some other buttons. This remarkable base flexibility can be further enhanced by other important options such as telemetry / remote control system is possible through GSM networks, Ethernet connectivity with SNMP protocol, high quality stereo encoder, digital audio input Compliant with AES / EBU Directive and RS232 / 485 series remote control ports that allow easy integration with other equipment in a system.

The modern and attractive shape of the GX transmitters is reflected in the reliable philosophy of the modular project aimed at reducing the number of maintenance interventions and making them easier to minimize the corresponding costs. Everything is completed with an efficient Sielco after-sales service, ensuring the best confidence for the end user. For the entire life of the product.