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AEQ Virtual Forum Software

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Software control interface for FORUM and Capitol digital mixing console

This App shows an exact representation of the control surface
allowing its remote use. Includes all physical controls
Available on the real surface of the console, as well as practically all the advanced functions of its main menu: it is possible to raise and lower faders, activate or close audio channels, modify equalizations, gains, balances, save or load memories, activate special functions from keys
programmable, and even manage incoming phone calls.


The AEQ FORUM digital mixing console is offered from now on together with a new control software called FORUM VIRTUAL that incorporates all the functions of the real control surface, so it can be complemented or simply replaced by the software application.
Faithfully reproduce every detail of the control surface, as well as the mode of operation of all the keys and faders on it. It also displays the information and internal menus visible on each surface screen.

The AEQ FORO digital table offers today with a software called VIRTUAL FORUM that incorporates all the functionalities of the control console, and to which it can supply or complement absolutely. Reproduce to the smallest detail the control surface and the operation of all the buttons and faders included in it, as well as the information and internal modules visible on all the displays integrated in the surface.

The functions of this application cover various needs for the use and maintenance of the console:

Assessment and training
This application allows the user to verify the functionality and performance of the mixing console by configuring it in demo mode. In this operating mode, the software interacts with a virtual engine. In this way, you can easily present the equipment and train users remotely. This feature is offered free of charge through the AEQ distribution network.
Remote control

It allows full control over each equipment function in parallel with the actual control surface. This allows simultaneous operation with the control technician while the vu-meter representation is received remotely. This facilitates technical support as a possible ns misconfiguration or operational errors can be verified, making diagnosis and error tracking a simple task.
Complementary console

When you want to use up to 12 channels simultaneously but a console with only 4 or 8 physical channels is available, you can operate the rest of the channels through the VIRTUAL FORUM. By using basic audio to channel l you assign console functions or even faster, with the help of snapshots or memories, you can assign signals to channels whenever you want, so you always have physical control over the signals you they are most commonly modified.
Alternative console.

If the control surface has a total or partial fault, you can use VIRTUAL FORUM to replace the complete control or use only the fault functions, until the unit is repaired.
Main features

AEQ VIRTUAL FORUM software is a dedicated application and can be run on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows-7 operating systems.
This control software is offered free of charge for evaluation and training purposes, our technical support services use it as a tool and it is also available as OPTION for users who want to monitor, control and operate their mixing consoles for

2 Items