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Trialcom D-208 Distribuidor de 8 salidas


The D-208 Configurable Audio Amplifier Distributor has 2 balanced inputs and 8 balanced outputs. Both the levels of the inputs and the outputs are variable, to facilitate adjustment there are VU meters.

The D-208 can also distribute MPX signals and even an RDS signal, since the frequency response is 60 kHz.

In a typical configuration, the D-208 with independent level control accepts two balanced input signals and distributes each input to four independent balanced outputs. The volume of each of the 8 outputs is individually controlled by means of their potentiometers on the front panel. Similarly, the level of each of the two inputs can also be controlled independently from the front of the equipment.

The D-208 Configurable Audio Amplifier Distributor has a 2-LED level indicator associated with each of the inputs to assist the user to establish an optimal level of operation.

The balanced inputs are designed to have high common-mode rejection and immunity to radio frequency.

The outputs are protected against short circuit. This Configurable Distributor operates on a separate power supply from its cabinet ensuring a low internal magnetic field and very low noise.

The architecture of the D-208 Configurable Audio Amplifier Distributor allows configuring it in three different ways:

2 x 8 mode

Configuration of 2 individual inputs for 8 independent outputs for each of these inputs. Generally used for stereo signals, obtaining with a single unit 8 stereo outputs. Independent monaural signals can also be sent by each of the two groups.

1 x 16 mode

Configuration of 1 input for 16 independent outputs.

All groups can be united and with a single input signal obtain 16 distributed and amplified outputs.
Rear panel connections

It has four outputs of each channel marked OUTPUT 1A, OUTPUT 1B and OUTPUT 2A, OUTPUT 2B.

It has two inputs for each channel indicated as IN CHANNEL A, IN CHANNEL B.

The D-208 uses Balanced Connections and can also be used with unbalanced connections.

Frequent Applications

Radio stations

TV stations

Recording studios

Simultaneous translation rooms


Balanced inputs and outputs

Independent adjustment level

Led meter for each channel

Supports different configurations

Distribute MPX signals to RDS

Short-circuit protected outputs

Immunity to radio frequency interference

Technical specifications


Input type and maximum admissible level electronic balanced, +22 dB

Input Referred Noise Level> 80 dB

Frequency Response 20 Hz 20 kHz +/- 0.5 dB

(60 khz total bandwidth +/- 0.5 dB)

Gain control action +/- 15 dB

Input impedance 20 Kohm balanced and 10 Kohm unbalanced


OUTPUTS (1 A-B-C-D) (2 A-B-C-D)

Output type and maximum balanced level, +22 dB (600 ohm with load)

Output Gain Control Action +/- 20 dB

200 ohm balanced and 100 ohm unbalanced output impedance

Frequency Response 20 Hz - 60 kHz +/- 0.5 dB


Power 220 VAC 50 / 60Hz +/- 10% (110 VAC optional)

Dimensions 482mm (19 ") x 190mm x 45mm (1U Rack)

Weight 2.6 k.g (With packaging: 3.2 kg.)