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El increíble precio de la Lewitt LCT 140 AIR la hace ideal para aficionados a los que les gusta grabar en casa. Sin embargo, incluso los profesionales pueden admirar su construcción robusta, su impresionante calidad de sonido y sus funciones bien pensadas.

AIR offers an open and bright character. The right choice if you need great sound without wasting time in post-production. FLAT provides a linear frequency response for "as is" reproduction of drums, strings, acoustic guitars, and backing vocals. It is perfect if you are looking for realistic sound images. See the sound samples and hear it yourself.

While classic microphone emulation may appeal to some brands and consumers, Lewitt strives to innovate and create the most versatile and best-value microphones available on the market. The LCT 140 AIR personifies your approach; An affordable small diaphragm condenser microphone, suitable for capturing several different instruments and with two switchable sound characteristics.

The incredible price of the Lewitt LCT 140 AIR makes it ideal for hobbyists who like to record at home. However, even professionals can admire its robust construction, impressive sound quality, and well-thought-out functions. For example, its casing is made of aluminum, which makes it not only resistant but also very light and ergonomic. Its small diaphragm condenser capsule has also been precisely engineered, ensuring full character with plenty of high-end presence.

However, it is the LCT 140 AIR's sound shaping switches that set it apart from the competition. With the 'AIR' and 'FLAT' modes, you can switch between an open sound character that gives your recordings a boost of treble, or a more linear frequency response that captures the source "as is". The low-cut filter on the Lewitt LCT 140 AIR is also noteworthy, allowing you to remove any unnecessary noise for a cleaner recording.

This exceptional microphone comes with a bag, a clip, and also a windshield if you intend to use it outdoors for live performances. Therefore, the Lewitt LCT 140 AIR is suitable for many musical applications.

Here's what Lewitt says about the LCT 140 AIR:

Designed for professional instrument recordings

The LCT 140 AIR features a small diaphragm condenser capsule that we have designed for recording professional instruments. Use the AIR and FLAT sound characteristics to record your source the way you want. The pre-attenuation pad and low-cut filter complete the package.

With its superior transient response, the LCT 140 AIR provides great clarity for your recordings of guitar, drums, strings, or other acoustic instruments. Its aluminum housing is robust and light at the same time. The LCT 140 AIR has a cardioid characteristic and sounds great.

AIR and FLAT explained

AIR offers an open and bright character. A great choice if you need record-ready sound right out of the box. You can immediately use and share those recordings without having to spend time in post-production.

FLAT provides a linear frequency response for “as is” reproduction of drums, strings, acoustic guitars, and backing vocals. It is a great choice if you are looking for very realistic sonic images.

Having both options on hand makes the LCT 140 AIR a very versatile recording tool.

Durable yet lightweight

The LCT 140 AIR is very durable yet lightweight thanks to its CNC-machined aluminum housing. Positioning and setup become easy.

Low-cut filter and pre-attenuation pad keep your recordings clean

Low-cut filter minimizes frame-borne noise and low-frequency rumble. Use the pre-attenuation pad if you want to record high-SPL instruments.

What is in the box?

The LCT 140 AIR comes with a carrying bag, clip and windshield for outdoor use.


Type: Condenser, permanently polarized

Acoustic operating principle: pressure gradient transducer

Transducer Ø: 17 mm, 0.67 in.

Polar pattern: cardioid

Sensitivity: 14.6 mV / Pa, -36.7 dBV / Pa

Equivalent noise level: 20 dB (A), cardioid

Max. SPL for 0.5% THD: 135 dBSPL

Dynamic range: 115 dB (A)

Pre-attenuation pad: 0 dB, -12 dB

Low cut filter: linear, 80 Hz (12 dB / oct)

Internal impedance: 173 Ω

Nominal load impedance: 1000 Ω

Supply voltage: 48V ± 4V

Current consumption: 7.2 mA

Connector: Gold-plated 3-pin XLR

Microphone Dimensions: 24 dia. x 140mm, 0.9 dia. x 5.5 inches

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