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DSP digital audio processor, which can be configured for use in AM and FM stations. There will be a future option to include cards, to expand their functionality.


State-of-the-art technology at a highly competitive price.

The processing power and efficiency to deliver sound with excellent volume and definition, combined with all its other features, make it unique in its price category.

Considered the equipment with the best cost-benefit ratio on the market in its category.

It has a front panel encoder for access to parameters and settings, a high contrast OLED display for readouts and controls, and a front panel USB port for direct PC communication.


The equipment is available together with a highly intuitive and easy to operate PC based control software.

With the software it is possible to access all the equipment's controls in a more efficient and simple way, allowing the user to customize the sound and create different presets, as well as being able to choose between the 20 factory presets.

On the rear panel there is an ethernet port that also allows remote communication with the control software (from anywhere in the world), as well as connections for audio inputs and outputs (analog and digital) and analog MPX outputs and synchronization with RDS encoder /rbds.

The equipment also has a digital MPX output in the AES standard with a resolution of 24 bits / 192Kbps, which allows it to be connected to more modern RF modulators/exciters, which already have this type of input.

The PUNCH can be configured with additional audio over IP (AOIP) cards in the AES67 RAVENNA, DANTE and LIVEWIRE protocols and a dedicated card for Internet streaming, without the need for a dedicated PC for this with MPEG, AAC encoder options , OGG VORBIS at various transmission rates.


With an intelligent input AGC, plus 5 independent processing bands with sophisticated distortion masking algorithms, the equipment provides extremely powerful audio without artifacts, clean, clear and defined, generating extremely competitive conditions on the air at the station with a very low cost.

It has a standard 19” rack cabinet in its width with a single height rack unit (1RU).

High quality brushed stainless steel finish.

Full range power input: 90 to 240 V / 47 to 63 Hz.

It has in the inputs and outputs section, digital signal in the AES-3 standard, a BNC type connector being the MASTER CLOCK input.

The nomenclature used is not standardized worldwide and some manufacturers use "WORLDCLOCK" or "10MHz".

It has a screen with OLED technology with pixels, audio inputs and outputs in analog and digital formats, communication ports with the external environment (GPIO, RS234,

2 USB ports, 2 NETWORK ports).

It has optional cards, allowing an increase in equipment in the future, enabling the transmission of processed audio to the Internet, excluding the need for an additional computer to perform this function.

Allows the installation of a card (optional) to carry out the "Stream" function.

It allows the installation of another card (optional) that admits audio input and output in IP format (world trend of digital technology for studios that in the short or medium term most of the stations will be migrating to this technology).


100% National Technology.

NCM: 8543.70.99

Dimensions (standard frame, width x height x depth):

– 482.6mm x 44.5mm x 290mm;

– 19” x 1.75” x 11.42” in.