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Orban 5518


OPTIMOD 5518 is an excellent standalone stereo encoder that combines forecast clipping and band limiting techniques with a latency of just 2ms and a full overshoot limit and extremely tight peak control in both the left baseband domain and Right and compound, to control STL-induced overshoots while minimizing artifacts.

The 5518 is the ideal choice for network broadcasters that process with an FM audio processor (such as Orban Optimod FM 8600) at the point of origin of the network and who need a processor in each transmitter to eliminate excess STL of the network.


The 5518 includes a full-featured RBS / RBDS generator at no additional cost. The generator supports dynamic PS. It can be controlled through the 5518 presets and an ASCII terminal server that can be connected to the automation to support, for example, displaying the title and artist.

ITU BS 412 multiplex power limiter

The built-in defeatable ITU BS412 multiplexed power controller acts on all outputs to meet even the strictest European government regulations, including full spectral protection of subcarriers and RDS / RBDS, regardless of the amount of compound limitation.

10Mhz reference input

A 10 MHz frequency reference input allows the stereo pilot tone frequency to be locked to the GPS or other high-precision frequency standard. This improves the performance of single frequency networks in areas where transmitter coverage overlaps.


The stereo encoder's stereo subchannel modulator can operate in normal dual sideband mode and in a single sideband compatible experimental mode (SSB / VSB) that is offered to allow users to compare and evaluate the two modes.

Sense of silence

Analog Fallback to Digital control that allows Silence Sense to switch the active input from Analog to Digital if silence is detected on the analog input signal but not on the digital input signal. This function also works in reverse on analog and digital AES inputs.

Diversity delay

The 5518 can delay your departure by up to 16 seconds. This delay can be used as the diversity delay in digital radio installations.

Remote control

On the transmitter side, you'll be pleased with its three separate remote control ports: GPI contact closures, RS232 serial, and built-in Ethernet for TCP / IP networks. The serial and Ethernet ports are compatible with the supplied 5518 PC Remote Control application. This Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10 allows you to access all the functions of 5518 and allows you to archive and restore presets, automation lists and system configurations (containing I / O levels, word lengths digital, GPI functional assignments, etc.)

Friendly interface

Full-time LCD and LED meters
Full-time LCD and LEDs make it easy to set up, adjust, and program OPTIMOD-FM - you can always see the measurement while adjusting the processor. Navigation is done using dedicated buttons, programmable buttons (whose functions are context sensitive) and a large rotary button. The LEDs show all the measurement functions of the processing structure (two bands or five bands) in use.

Universal transmitter protection and audio processing for FM transmission
The 5518 provides universal transmitter protection and audio processing for FM transmission. It can be configured to ideally interact with any transmission system commonly found in the world.

Flexible configuration

Inputs and outputs
AES3 Analog and Digital The 5518 includes AES3 analog and digital inputs and outputs. Both the digital input and digital output are equipped with sample rate converters and can operate at 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz sample rates. The pre-emphasis status and output levels can be adjusted separately for analog and digital outputs. The input security feature allows the 5518 to automatically switch from its digital input to its analog input (or vice versa) if the main input suffers from an audio loss failure.