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Orban 5700


Our 5700i delivers proven OPTIMOD sound in a compact, well-functioning 1U system at an affordable price.
It provides stereo enhancement, EQ, AGC, multi-band compression, low IM peak limiting, stereo encoding, and composite limiting - everything you need to compete in your market.

Independent processing for FM and digital radio

The digital and FM media processing paths were separated after the 5700i stereo enhancer and AGC. There are two equalizers, multi-band compressors, and peak limiters, which allow you to optimize the processing of digital media and analog FM separately. The bottom line? Processing that optimizes the sound of your FM channel while delivering remarkably crisp, clean, CD-like audio to your digital channel audience

If you choose to use the 5700i's excellent DSP-based composite stereo limiter and encoder, make sure they deliver an FM analog signal that is always impeccably clean and perfectly limited in peaks, with full spectral protection of subcarriers and RDS / RBDS, regardless of the amount of compound limitation.

The 5700i includes a full-featured RBS / RBDS generator at no additional cost. The generator supports dynamic PS. It can be controlled via 5700i presets and an ASCII terminal server that can be connected to automation to support artist and title display.

Audio processor quick setup
 Like the other OPTIMODs, the 5700i provides a systematic and guided procedure for configuration.

Factory presets and control LESS MORE
 With a selection of factory presets and the simple LESS MORE control, you can easily create your own signature sound. Orban is happy to help you find the perfect setup for your station.

Four processing structures
 The 5700i features four audio processing structures that are optimal five-band (or "multi-band"; 20 ms delay) for consistent, "processed" sound, free of undesirable side effects, five ultra-low latency bands (5 ms delay) for environments where talent monitors live off-air and oppose the delay of the five optimal bands, the five low latency bands (12 ms delay) and the two bands for transparent sound that preserves the frequency balance of the original program material.

Control “True Peak” The control
 "True Peak" is available for digital radio processing with an accuracy greater than 0.5 dB. For typical program material, the precision is 0.2 dB.

ITU BS-412 Multiplex Power Control
 An adaptive and programmable multiplex power limiter can discretely control multiplex power according to ITU-R BS412 standards.

ITU-R BS.1770-3 + Loudness Control
 Loudness Control is available for digital radio and analog radio processing chains in countries that apply a BS.1770 volume limit on digital and / or analog radio transmissions.

Low-delay DJ monitor output
 The 5700i offers a low-delay monitor output that takes audio from the multi-band compressor output and has an approximate delay of 4 ms. This allows talent / DJs to comfortably monitor processed audio off-air with headphones.

10 MHz reference input
 A 10 MHz reference input allows the stereo pilot tone frequency and digital composite output sampling frequency to lock onto a 10 MHz reference signal (such as GPS), making it easy to use the Single Frequency Network (SFN) and the almost unique frequency -network (N-SFN) operation.

 The 5700i has a full-featured integrated RDS / RBDS generator that supports static and dynamic RDS values.

Bypass test mode and tone generator
 A bypass test mode can be invoked locally, remotely, or by automation to test the transmission system or to easily compare the original and processed sound. A built-in line tone generator makes quick and accurate level setting easy.

SNMP support
 The SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) feature allows you to monitor the status of your OPTIMOD and send alarm notifications via your OPTIMOD's Ethernet connection to your network.