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MXP-101 Consola 2 canales


It is a small outdoor transmission unit, its practical design and its long battery life make this console the ideal tool for the chronicler.
It was specially conceived for use with cellular telephony and it also has the option of being connected to a standard telephone set and thus sending regular telephone journalistic reports.

The MPX-101 Outdoor Console has everything you need to make high-quality audio broadcasts from outdoors.

This unit is capable of transmitting audio in different modes:
a) Through a cell phone.
b) Through a standard telephone line.
c) Through a 2-wire or 4-wire point-to-point telephone line.
d) Through a program link or similar radio equipment.

The MPX-101 Outdoor Console is built solidly, robustly and with materials specially selected for outdoor work. All these features complete a very careful development of this console, guaranteeing high audio quality, a safe service and a low acquisition cost.

It has a status indicator:
LOW BAT = low battery indicator.
POWER = indicates the presence of mains supply voltage.
Meter = indicator of the program sending level.

The connectors for the microphone input are of the “COMBO” type (XLR3 and JACK 6.5 mm. Combined), thus avoiding the use of adapters or the replacement of the connectors of the microphone cables.
PHONES connectors = 6.3 mm jack for headphones.
MIC 1 and MIC 2 inputs = Electronically balanced microphone inputs.
AUX IN 1 input = Audio input connection for sound player.

The MXP-101 outdoor console features, on its front panel, a level meter and a power status indicator.
The VU meter is used to measure the audio level of the program output.
The status indicator provides information on the following console operating conditions:

The headphone distribution system allows you to manage the return audio level on two individual headphones.

The Cel-Tel Audio Output is the line output of the console and is the one used for communications, whether from the handset of a standard 4-wire telephone set, a cell phone or a program transport; This output is balanced by a transformer and is part of the console communication system.

The 3.5 monaural Audio Input Jack AUX IN allows the audio input with a higher level than a microphone, for example from a tape player, like the microphone inputs, this is part of the audio system to send to studies.

The Mic 1 and Mic 2 Microphone inputs allow connection of balanced or unbalanced microphones. The "Combo" connectors allow the use of 6.5mm and XLR 3 Plugs interchangeably.

The unit, in addition to running on 220V, has 3 Ni-Cd standard size “2 / 3AA300F3MU” 3.6 Volt 600mA rechargeable batteries.

To know the state of charge of the batteries, this unit has a LOW BAT indicator that lights up when the supply voltage is less than approximately 7.2 Volts.

The total current consumption of the MXP-101 Outdoor Console is moderate, which allows it to provide autonomy of use with batteries of several hours (6 hours average).

For greater autonomy, the use of external power is recommended through its AC-20 adopter or the CC-12 connector cable.


2 balanced microphone channels
1 direct assistant to the master for player
2 headphone outputs
Connections available for 2-wire, 4-wire and point-to-point
Direct connection to RF transmission equipment (Radio link)
Rechargeable batteries included (8 hours of autonomy)
Meter to led audio level indicator
Visual low battery indication (LOW BAT)
XLR-COMBO connectors (XLR 3 and 6.5 mm Jack on the same connector)
Phantom source for 6 volt condenser microphone.

Accessories included:

FT-101 Carry Case
Power supply
Cell phone connection cable
Frequent uses:
Outdoor broadcasts for Radio and TV
Interviews “on the air” or for uses in Recordings.
Sports events
Political events
Sports events





Input type: Electronically balanced
Input impedance: 1 Kohms (600 Ohms nominal)
Frequency response: 20 Hz-20Khz / -5 dBm
Input Signal Range: - 60 dBm / - 17 dBm
Connector Type: "Combo" (XLR / 6.3mm Jack)
Number of Tickets: 2
Phantom Source: 6 Volts (Internal Enabling)


Input type: Unbalanced
Input impedance: 44 Kohms
Frequency response: 20 Hz-20Khz / - 2 dBm
Input Signal Range: - 30 dBm / + 10 dBm
Connector Type: 3.5mm Mini Jack
Number of Tickets: 1


Input / output type: Balanced to transformer
Input / Output Impedance: 600 ohms
TX audio level (1 - 4 RJ9): Max. 0dbm
Distortion: Better than 0.15%
Response at TX freq (1 - 4 RJ9): 20Hz-20KHz +/- 5db