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Solidyne 2600 XL


Solidyne developed a line of digital consoles called 2600. This new concept is focused on air studios for radio and television.



It can be programmed in seconds by the operator, each channel can be adjusted depending on the needs of each station without opening the console to move the jumpers. In this way you will be taking full advantage of the investment you have made in the equipment you currently have installed and the best without modifying the studies.

If you plan to scale to a digital studio, with Solidyne you can add modules and invest in them as your station requires them. The Solydine 2600 consoles have 4 dual volume meters, a timer, a clock and a phase vector that does not allow knowing the degree of relief of the stereo sound.

Every console under the 2600 line comes with as standard 3 telephone hybrids, two fixed line and one cellular that work in conference, they are also completely modular allowing the models to be changed even with the console on the air. Its great variety of models allows us to put together the exact console that your radio or TV needs.

Its discrete front-end preamps have the lowest input noise and least distortion you can find on the console market. It is also the only console on the market that offers you the possibility of having microphones with individual audio processors, making the voices of your radio the personal seal that you offer to your audience.

The Solidyne brand offers the VQR (Voice Quality Restoration) system. Using the option of 2630 modules it will be possible to have a restoration of the bass and treble lost during the telephone transmission.



  •     Virtual2600 option for remote control by PC or Tablet

  •     Send Mix-Minus BUS for Skype / Vox IP management

  •     AoIP option to link to a transmission plant over the Internet

  •     Timer-Clock and Stereo Phase Vector are now standard

  •     Electronic audio routing without mechanical contacts

  •     They are user programmable from the front panel

  •     20-year extra-soft faders

  •     24/32-Step Computed VUmeters RMS & Peak

  •     New look with low-profile cabinet

  •     Programmable multimode CUE

  •     Illuminated keypads for each channel

  •     Stabilized multi-voltage switching source