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Solidyne Unidex24


24-channel UX 24 Digital Ip Console; 12 faders + 12 channels Virtual Radio


To have the most advanced IP console, Solidyne has created UNIDEX technology (UNIversal-Desk-with-EXternal adapters) It is based on a dimmer panel that handles 24 channels and can add ALL the necessary and future devices that the technology throws at you

The UNIDEX inputs accept UDX adapters that are connected by a data bus to the console CPU. This allows the operator to manage all kinds of actions from any console channel, such as operating telephone lines (POT, VoxIP), connecting cell phones through Bluetooth, Linphone or Skype communications, establishing conferences between them, installing intercoms, managing TV cameras that automatically work with microphones. Use all 24 channels of the console, without using expensive special modules

No other console offers the new UNIDEX technology ...

The UX24 is completely INTEGRAL and maintains your studio's current cabling because you don't need to use an AoIP network that reduces installation costs. But the version with AoIP Dante AES67 is the perfect solution for those who want to have EVERYTHING ... and with no cables in sight

AoIP version

The UX24-A67 is the perfect solution because it handles one third of its capacity through AoIP and maintains the rest for direct connections to the console. This allows :

  •     The headphone and studio monitor outputs will be on the console (and not on a distant shelf ...)
  •     The 4 and 16 channel USB connections used by the PCs (in front of the operator) will be on the console
  •     The main microphone inputs will be on the console.
  •     The AES3 / Spdif inputs / outputs of the control table devices are in the console (and not in a remote rack)
  •     Studio microphone inputs (located opposite the operator) are also located on the console

    In this way, the existing wiring in a studio is preserved unchanged. Flexible cables attached to small RJ45 connectors disappear from view because they are covered by the removable aluminum termination on the console

With 16 x 16 channels with Dante AES67 that gives us the additional power of the UX24

If, in addition to the studio microphones, you need to add more microphones, you can connect UDX-2MIC-A67 adapters and have remote microphones anywhere in the studios. If you need remote PCs, you can use an AoIP driver that generates virtual audio cards. You can also connect to the AoIP network, audio monitors, headphones, intercoms, adapters for AVIO cables, hybrids and any other compatible device. There are no limits for Dante AES67 networks.