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Barix Instreamer 100


IP audio encoder Audio encoder / decoder for commercial, home and professional applications (as a decoder requires an Exstreamer device


Audio over IP encryption - simply anywhere, anytime


Instreamer makes streaming audio over IP networks smooth and easy. It encodes any incoming audio signal into high-quality G.711, PCM or MP3 streams and can send the stream to up to 32 different destinations over the LAN or the Internet. Instreamers users support unicast, broadcast or multicast streaming along with peer-to-peer connections to other Barix devices. It can also be used for integration into extensive audio infrastructures with Shoutcast, Icecast, or other third-party software. Simple command and web interfaces make firmware configurable, and audio streaming can be adjusted for network bandwidth. Streaming can be started / stopped in various ways (send in CTS, send in level, or send always). The serial port can be used as a command port or for serial network tunneling. Together with a Barix encoder device (e.g. Instreamer.




- Codec support: MP3 (VBR / CBR), PCM and G.711

- Supported streaming connections: HTTP, RTP, SIP, Raw UDP, Raw TCP, Icecast source and Icecast ID3, Shoutcast source

- Supports serial port relay (serial gateway over network)

- Supports all general purpose inputs (GPI) in Exstreamer 1000, Exstreamer 500 and Annuncicom 1000. The inputs are used to trigger transmission or to send contact closures to a device associated with loaded software capable of decoding the information

- Streaming can be configured to "always send", "send in CTS", "send in level" or manually through the web interface

- The device can serve up to 6 concurrent HTTP radio streams or 8 UDP / RTP streams

- Up to 32 BRTP streams at 128 kbit / s are supported

- Supports SNMP protocol for monitoring devices

- Cisco LiveFeed for Call Manager service supports xml files