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Trialcom HT-4001


The HT-4001 Telephone Hybrid is a complete telephone interconnection module, with all the tools to operate with subscriber telephone lines, point-to-point lines and the possibility of using a cell phone line. The latter requires the Cellular Coupler.

It has all the necessary handling features for comfortable, simple and audio-quality work, which is remarkable among the equipment in its class. Everything in half a rack unit.

The installation of the HT-4001 is very simple, by means of RJ11 connectors for the telephone line and 6.5 mm jacks for the audio inputs and outputs.

The operation of the HT-4001 is simple, its practical front panel with all the commands and signal level adjustments, as well as its indicators, make the HT-4001 a very reliable equipment for managing communications.

The HT-4001 provides a connection for using your ACCHT-4001 / cell phone accessories or for use in various applications. It also has the facility to connect to cell phones through a simple connection using an audio adapter on the DB9 port.

The HT-4001 has a REC recording output for connecting a recorder or using it as an output for various applications with a microphone level.

The use of two HT-4001 supports two-line conference work, allowing two listeners to dialogue with each other in addition to doing it with the announcer. For this, the two hybrids must be "linked" as shown in the following figure.




Continuous indication of the incoming audio signal on your VU meter.
Adjustment of adaptation to the telephone line in the front with the NULL control.
Built-in microphone (Talk - Back).
Balanced inputs and outputs.
It works with a telephone line or with "point to point" lines.
Cell phone connection with a simple adapter.
Audio levels settings for send and return.
Excellent immunity to RF signals.
High rejection of sound feedback.
With the CML-H accessory it connects to cell phones.
Possibility of grouping two HT-4001 in a rack unit.
High immunity to radio frequency.
Frequent uses
Radio and TV
Talk shows
Telephone interviews “on the air” or for uses in recordings.
Telephone interface for public events (auditoriums, churches, live shows)
Applications of varied use, even in highly complex situations, where the work demands are very intense due to the amount of operations required.
Technical specifications.



SND input: balanced 20 dBm (typical) at +20 dBm / 600 ohm
RCV output: balanced -10 dBm (+12 dBm max.) / 600 ohm

Telephone line to RCV output
With: -10 dBm, at RCV 0 dBm
Frequency response: 300 - 3400 Hz +/- 1 dB

SND to phone line
With: -20 dBm, online -10 dBm
Frequency Response: 300 - 3400 Hz +/- 1 dB

Reference: 1 kHz / 600 ohm

Wheatstone bridge: typical rejection greater than 20 dBm according to telephone line

Send input: 6.5 mm stereo jack
Rcv output: 6.5mm stereo jack
Set: RJ11 phone jack
Line: RJ11 phone jack
To Cellular: DB9

Height: 44mm (1U rack)
Width: 240 mm (1/2 rack size)
Depth: 180mm

Weight: 1.8 kg

POWER SUPPLY: 20 Volts AC (transformer included)

CML-H cable for connection to cell phones.