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Codificador RDS - 100IP

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Price $700,000

Omnia VOLT is the latest triumph from the folks who brought you the award-winning Omnia.11, the acclaimed Omnia.9, the mighty Omnia 7, and the over 13,000 Omnia ONEs currently in service. But this is not just another audio processor. With VOLT, we've rewritten the rules for DSP broadcast, fine-tuning our algorithms and creating the world's best sounding, most powerful and incredibly versatile 1RU audio processor.

Solidyne 542 APC

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Price $2,963,100
The 542 is a powerful computer to process audio that operates based on software. This FM processor can also operate on HD Radio, TV or streaming. It can work with the number of bands that you require. It also includes its own RDS / RBDS encoder.

Solidyne AUDIMAX362HD

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Price $1,450,000

The AudiMax 362 HD includes the operation mode in HD (High Definition), without pre-emphasis, which allows it to be used for streaming and in recording studios or Production.
It handles 3 audio inputs, including the new RJ45 connection technology.
Get crisper bass and higher sound impact
It has two independent MPX outputs for FM transmitters (main and emergency transmitter)
Option of digital inputs and outputs via USB.