List of products by brand RODE

Rode M1

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Price $90,000

Rode Dynamic Microphone

Recognized as one of the best live vocal microphones in the industry, the M1 performs equally well on guitar amps, as well as bass drum, snare, toms and percussion.


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Price $208,000

The Rode NT USB is a new cardioid microphone designed to connect to USB ports for professional voice or instrument recording digitally. The mic is fully compatible with applications for recording audio on Mac OS or Windows PC computers, as well as Apple iPad with the Rode Rec app, Garage Band or any other application that accepts external microphones. For use on iPad the USB adapter is required.


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Price $104,000

The NT-USB Mini brings the impeccable sound quality of RØDE's world-class studio microphones to a compact and easy-to-use USB desktop microphone. Designed to deliver crystal-clear, professional-sounding sound directly to a computer or tablet, it's the perfect microphone for gamers, podcasters, musicians, streamers, business professionals, and content creators who want to be heard in full definition.

Rode PodMic

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Price $140,000

The new PodMic is a dynamic broadcast microphone designed for podcast applications. With a built-in pop filter and rich, even sound, it will give your voice a silky, professional quality. The PodMic can be used with any XLR interface, but is optimized for use with the new RØDECaster Pro ™.