List of products by brand AEQ

AEQ Bravo

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Price $3,915,100
Designed as a professional technology and performance console, capable of delivering the best sound quality, working 24 hours a day 7 days a week and at an affordable cost to small and medium radio stations.

AEQ Capitol IP

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Price $6,500,000
CAPITOL IP is an 8 Channel Fixed Configuration Digital Audio Mixing Console.
Its features are based on those of the previous CAPITOL console, but with the experience of the previous model, its surface has been redesigned with new silent keys, more programmable keys and a new arrangement of controls in the monitoring section.

AEQ Phoenix Alio

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Price $2,796,500
Portable audiocodec with IP connectivity, designed and optimized to facilitate its handling in the most varied environments, even at musical events. Its compact and elegant design, resistant to shocks and liquids, is intended for use outdoors, where the treatment is not always very careful.

AEQ Phoenix Mercury

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Price $1,150,000
AEQ MERCURY is a stereo, bidirectional IP audio encoder that allows stereo / dual or mono connections, controllable through a simple user interface on a PC that allows local or remote management of a piece of equipment or a chain of equipment.


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Price $1,725,500
The TH-03 Advanced Digital Hybrid is manufactured in versions for one or 2 phone lines, and with AES / EBU analog or digital audio inputs and outputs.
It incorporates audio send and receive level meters for each hybrid. The feed-back is removed by the digital hybrid. It does not require previous adjustment for its correct operation.

AEQ Virtual Forum Software

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Price $750,000
Software control interface for FORUM and Capitol digital mixing console

This App shows an exact representation of the control surface
allowing its remote use. Includes all physical controls
Available on the real surface of the console, as well as practically all the advanced functions of its main menu: it is possible to raise and lower faders, activate or close audio channels, modify equalizations, gains, balances, save or load memories, activate special functions from keys
programmable, and even manage incoming phone calls.

Talent - AEQ

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Price $900,000
This ultra-compact IP audiocodec delivers high-quality, OPUS-encoded audio from a microphone to the studio console, with return to headphones.