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Rode Wireless Go

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Price $226,000

The Wireless GO is the smallest and most versatile wireless microphone system in the world. The transmitter works as a clip-on microphone or the world's smallest belt pack for an RØDE, sending crystal-clear transmission-level audio via 2.4GHz digital transmission to the camera's ultra-compact receiver.

Compact wireless system

MIPRO ACT 311/32hr

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Price $267,750
The Mipro ACT-311B / ACT-32H wireless microphone system comprises one of ACT-311B single channel UHF radio microphone receiver and wireless microphone transmitter held one side ACT-32H.


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Price $249,900
The ACT-32T Mipro ACT-311B / Wireless Microphone System consists of an ACT-311B single channel UHF radio receiver and an ACT-32T wireless bodypack transmitter microphone.
It also operates in the 24 MHz transmission band (from 606 to 630MHz), channel 38, 39 and 40 or 2 MHz bandwidth (from 863 to 865MHz), Channel 70. Up to 16 compatible systems per band.

Sistema de micrófono...

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Price $119,000

Professional UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone System for DSLR Cameras, Camcorders, iPhone, Android Smartphones and Tablets, 164ft Range, for Video Recording, Youtube, Podcast, Voice