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Neumann BCM705

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Price $654,500

The BCM 705 is a cost effective broadcast microphone for in-studio speech applications. Its entire construction is functionally optimized to convey emotion with technical perfection. Its dynamic capsule is voiced for a smooth yet clear sound. The hypercardioid pattern along with the internal shock mount and pop filter minimize extraneous noises.

Shure SM7B

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Price $533,675

Whether it is a radio or television broadcast, a podcast, or a recording, care must be taken to handle the voices. By cleaning and polishing, every detail has more impact. That's why the SM7B was built to capture soft, warm voices that bond with listeners.

Lewitt 440 Pure

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Price $255,850
The true 1 "condenser capsule captures your signal with an impressive amount of depth and clarity. For the LCT 440 PURE, we use the same circuit and capsule design as with our prestigious models. We test each capsule according to the highest quality standards, capturing your individual personality and all the excitement you have put into your performance.

Rode M1

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Price $90,000

Rode Dynamic Microphone

Recognized as one of the best live vocal microphones in the industry, the M1 performs equally well on guitar amps, as well as bass drum, snare, toms and percussion.