Coaxial Cables / Solar Beacons

Coaxial Cables / Solar Beacons

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Antenna beacon S8LF Red...

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Price $214,200
* 2 + NM IP67 that flashes sunlight in 360 degrees.
* More than 120 hours of runtime at full load.
* 8 ultra bright LEDs.
* 45 single flash per minute.
* 360 degree bird tip safety beacon light.


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Price $4,100
Not pressurizable.
Weight lb / ft (kg / m) 0.14 (0.21).
Free tensile strength (kg) 175.00 (79.00).
Flat PlateCrush Force Pounds / in (kg / mm) 110.00 (2.00).
Minimum bend radius in (mm) 1.25 (32.00).
Bending moment lb-ft (N-m) 2.00 (2.70).
Minimum number of curves (typical) 20.00 (50.00)

Cable Coaxial LMR 400

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Price $3,451
Coaxial Cable LMR 400, Black, Roll 300 meters / CA400
AIR802 CA400-RF1000 is our superior low loss 400-Series Coaxial Cable also offered in 500 foot spools or we offer you cable by the foot or meter. It is manufactured with a polyethylene (PE) jacket, which is UV resistant, and is designed to withstand severe temperatures, grease and oil, chemicals, saline water, abrasions and offers a life expectancy of 20 more years. CA400 with its sturdy PE jacket is especially suitable for long life outdoor use.

CABLE LG heliax 7/8

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Price $10,710
Structure dimension:
Item Diameter Material
Inner conductor 9.0 mm Copper tube
Insulator 22.0 mm Foamed Polyethylene
Outer conductor 25.0 mm Annular grooved copper tube


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Price $4,522

ROSENBERGER 1/2 Inch 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable is super flexible and less prone to kinking due to its corrugated outer conductor spiral copper. Superflex cable has a 1.25-inch bend radius. This coaxial cable transmission line has a copper clad aluminum center conductor. The maximum capacity is 10.2 GHz frequency.