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AEQ Capitol IP

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Price $6,500,000
CAPITOL IP is an 8 Channel Fixed Configuration Digital Audio Mixing Console.
Its features are based on those of the previous CAPITOL console, but with the experience of the previous model, its surface has been redesigned with new silent keys, more programmable keys and a new arrangement of controls in the monitoring section.

AEQ Bravo

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Price $3,915,100
Designed as a professional technology and performance console, capable of delivering the best sound quality, working 24 hours a day 7 days a week and at an affordable cost to small and medium radio stations.

Rode RodeCasterPro Console

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Price $830,000

Streaming console for anyone with a dream of creating professional-quality podcasts will be able to do it seamlessly with this powerful new platform. This is a remarkable new direction for RØDE: an all-in-one study for podcasters of all skill levels.

Forum IP

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Price $12,900,000
AEQ FORUM IP is a mixer designed for ON AIR emission control. It incorporates all the basic features necessary in this type of environment: automatic monitor cut-off, cough cut-off, fader start, signaling control, control signals for the automation of external equipment, external communication management, intercommunication, etc.