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Brazos / Accesorios Micrófono

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Rode SM6 Shock Mount

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Price $66,000

The SM6 is a high quality shock mount suspension that is compatible with many large diaphragm RODE microphones. Provides isolation from external physical factors that can cause noise and vibrations in the microphone.

Rode PSM1

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Price $47,000


The perfect spring suspension for the Procaster or Podcaster, the psm1 provides isolation from external vibrations, which can be translated as low frequency noise.

The psm1 gives you confidence when using the microphone in environments where there is no movement that could interfere with the performance of the microphone.

Brazo Articulable Yellowtec...

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Price $464,100
This studio mic stand offers "On Air" signaling and features a sleek single tube construction with articulated joints and internal springs. It is compatible with microphones up to 4.5 lbs (2 kg) and is internally wired with open cable tails for user connections.

Alctron SM316 Table...

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Price $11,900
The new ALCTRON SM 316 microphone stand is a reliable tool when it comes to recording audio, or taking live shots, due to its solid and stable construction. Ideal for a wide range of sound applications, from conferences or meetings that require amplified voices, to studio shots

InnoGear Articulating Arm

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Price $89,250
InnoGear Solid Microphone Stand is adjustable and versatile, easy to adjust position and angle. It is a great option for podcasting and radio to show your perfect voice.