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Price $1,011,500
The Comrex ACCESS NX Mixer accessory “docks” to the ACCESS NX and expands the audio I / O to four selectable XLR mic / line inputs and four stereo headphone outputs on 1⁄4 ″ connectors. All NX portable audio jacks remain active during mixer use, increasing the total number of headphone / input jack pairs to six.

Comrex BRIC-Link II

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Price $2,023,000
BRIC-Link II is a low-cost, high-performance solution for audio-to-IP conversion. Like its predecessor BRIC-Link, BRIC-Link II provides an elegant way of moving linear or compressed audio with very low delay.

Comrex Modems

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Price $386,750
Comrex designed the Comrex Connect modem to meet the unique needs of remote diffusers. A high powered, industrial powered 4G / LTE modem, the Connect modem is also 3G compatible.

Comrex Opal

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Price $1,699,320

Comrex Opal is an IP audio gateway that enables guests to connect to the studio by simply clicking a link. It provides HD quality audio from consumer-grade equipment, like a cellphone or a computer with a microphone. It’s easy enough to use without a technical background, and most importantly, it sounds great.