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Kit de controlador de zoom...

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Price $235,620
The Magnus VT-3000 Tripod and Zoom Controller Kit for Canon, Panasonic and Sony from B&H features an aluminum fluid head / tripod system and a record and zoom controller for Canon / Panasonic / Sony LANC camcorders.

Datavideo SE-500HD

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Price $1,487,500

The SE-500HD's built-in audio mixer means you have everything you need to control your audio input levels. For most productions, this means that you don't need to purchase an external audio mixer separately.

Datavideo SE-2200HD-SDI

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Price $3,510,500

The SE-2200 6-input switcher is perfect for live production, religious events, meetings, and conferences.

Technically it is a smart, cost effective and portable broadcast quality switcher.

The SE-2200 is a solution that includes notable features such as its 6x6 genlock SDI matrix, dual PIP and a title system that works with any Datavideo CG system or other graphics programs.